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Awal Skin Clinic

Awal Medical Centre provides specialised skin checkes with the MoleMax HD - a sophisticated digital dermoscopy system. State of the art skin surveillance available right here in Sarina. Call us for more infomation on what we offer: (07) 4956 1718.

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How does it work?

On  your first visit, the Molemax technician will take pictures of various sections of your body, this will create your "map". The doctor will then assess each mole on specialised equipment and link it to your map - this will create your profile for skin cancer surveillance. 

What does this mean?

- Best practice skin checks and less unnecessary cuts.
The skin is an organ and exposure to the sun causes damage that can remain benign, heal, or show changes of skin cancer. The Molemax Surveillance allows us to pick up early signs and also keep a record for future follow-up.

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Once assessed, some lesions will have to be removed per the doctor's advice. This is booked in through the main clinic at Awal Medical Centre and followed up as needed. 

For bookings, more information and updated fees, please call Awal Medical Centre on 4956 1718.

Please note - the skin clinic is not a consultation and issues not related to the skin clinic will need to be scheduled separately.

To avoid a 30% cancellation fee, please provide cancellation notice at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.

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