ABOUT Dr. Awal Rajendra


  • Languages: English, Hindi
  • Dr Awal is the Principal Doctor for Awal Medical Centre. He has several roles in the practice, including clinical supervisor for new doctors, JCU adjunct lecturer and mentor for John Flynn Students.
  • Dr Awal specialises in minor surgery and dermatology, including skin cancer excision/biopsies. He also conducts skin clinics with an advanced MoleMax HD, which aids in cancer surveillance. When in consultation, his special interests include chronic disease, travel vaccinations and general family medicine.
  • When not practicing medicine, Dr Awal can be seen cutting glass on the tractor or on the lawn mower. He enjoys unwinding with gardening and loves to find new vegetables to plant.
  • Dr Awal enjoys travelling and has been to many countries, including Tanzania, where he climbed Mt Kilimanjaro with his son.